2014 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2014-10-05 Lord Send Us Some Rain.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Who Is the Greatest?.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Delivered to Deliver.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Under Attack.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Unsung Heroes.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 There's No Place Like Home.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 When God Loses the Challenge.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 The Light of the World.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Worship.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 A Weird Jesus.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Missed Opprotunities.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Pledge of Allegiance.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 The Bread of LIfe.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Making a Difference.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 The Life Giver Part 2.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Behold Your Mother.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 The Second Touch.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Save the Best for Last.mp3 Play
2014-10-05 Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday.mp3 Play
2014-04-11 The Imperative...mp3 Pastor Kazar Ackerman Play
2014-04-04 Clear the Way, This is an Emergency...mp3 Pastor Heinrich Strydom Play
2014-03-28 He Was Made Sin for Us...mp3 Pastor Heinrich Strydom Play
2014-03-21 One...mp3 Pastor Kazar Ackerman Play
2014-03-14 What If?...mp3 Pasotr Heinrich Strydom Play
2014-03-07 If You Are Willing...mp3 Pastor Kazar Ackerman Play
2014-02-28 Religious Liberty - Dead or Dying?.mp3 Pastor Lewis Stout Play
2014-02-21 Are You In or OUT?.mp3 Pastor Heinrich Strydom Play
2014-02-14 God of Impossible Possibilities Pastor Hienrich Strydom Play
2014-02-07 The Hollywood Effect.mp3 Pastor Kazar Ackerman Play