Happy New Year!

Posted on Dec 27 2012

Dear Church Family:
I trust you had a great and a blessed Christmas. In grateful thanks to our Lord, we too had a great family time at our home.
I want to thank Miss Lois Neumann, the church choir members, the children who played the part of Mary and Jospeh, the two shepherd boys, and the wise men, C. B. and Camille for reading the Christmas story, and for all those who worked behind the scene, for doing a great job in presenting the Christmas Sabbath Program during the worship service. Thanks also to all church members who dressed in their native costumes that gave us a sense of Christmas Around the World.
On this Sabbath, as we celebrate the Lord’s Ordinance, may we all be renewed in body, mind and spirit as we bid goodbye to the year 2012. The Myan predictions about the end of the world came and went, and we are still here, although the false predictions reminded us forcefully that Jesus is coming soon in His time. How important it is that we remain faithful to Him and His word.
Let me remind you again that on Monday, December 31, at 6:00 pm, we will gather in the fellowship hall to welcome the New Year, 2013. The program will last approximately one hour. We will worship the Lord by celebrating the Holy Communion once again, and share in a light supper. Please come and enjoy this event with us.

                                                      A Happy Side of Life Nugget
                                        Keep a SMILE on your face and a SONG in your heart!
                                                           A SMILE is a sign of JOY
                                                           A HUG is a sign of LOVE
                                                     A LAUGH is a sign of HAPPINESS
Pastor Singh